Monthly Archives: April 2011

Five Tips To Take A Company Blog to the Next Level

If you are like most organizations, you understand that a corporate blog can be a valuable tool. However, you probably also have questions about what corporate blogging entails and how it should be done to yield the best returns. The reasons for starting a corporate blog are very well documented. From the largest organizations using […]

Using Social Media For Small Businesses 6

These days, most major brands and businesses are embracing social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and their executives are also blogging on a daily basis. Unfortunately, while some small businesses have begun to dabble in social media; many still don’t understand why ongoing participation is so important. If results from a […]

5 Years In The Making: The New York Times Paywall 1

Back when I took my first journalism class at USC, my professor told us that we were in the throes of a grand restructuring of the news media, and that the aspiring journalists in the room would have the opportunity to shape the new landscape. Five years later, and media companies are still struggling with […]

The United States of Europe? Not So Much

We recently hosted a roundtable series with clients at our offices featuring insights provided from our Worldcom Public Relations Group partners from Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic. McGrath/Power Public Relations has a strong track record of extending client programs into diverse European territories and bringing European brands into the U.S. Since 1989, McGrath/Power has […]