Monthly Archives: May 2011

What Happens in Vegas…Affects Everyone In Vegas

Interop, the IT industry’s largest networking event, completed its 25th annual event last Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas. While attendance and the number of participating vendors continue to be smaller than in years past, there was unquestionably a great deal of buzz around this year’s show. From the typical product announcements, to a variety of […]

Quit Playing Games With My Heart—Keep Playing Them Online 1

Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about gamification, mostly because our client iLoop Mobile has been having conversations with media and analysts about its new mobile retail app SlingShop. “Gamification” has been one of this year’s hottest buzzwords, evidenced by rumors of an IPO for FarmVille creator Zynga, the recent rush to join social media […]

The Good/Bad News Of AOL’s Huffington Post Acquisition 1

The ink on the papers of AOL’s February acquisition of the Huffington Post is still fairly fresh, and the many changes that AOL has made to the internet media group are even fresher. Through a series of restructuring, streamlining, and re-branding, AOL is working to create a next-generation media source that combines editorial content and […]