Monthly Archives: June 2011

Hits and Missives

Here are a collection of small-bite thoughts to lead into the big July 4 BBQ weekend: We’re At War! Apparently, I get the news late.  As my colleague Katie Peterson pointed out this week on Pass The Mic, PR people are at war with journalists, and we are all slimes.  The common battle cries of […]

Social Currency – Beyond A Game?

In a recent blog post about gamification, I mentioned the “social stock market” Empire Avenue which allows you to trade virtual currency. I’d like to revisit the concept of social currency, as I think it has the potential to become much more than just an online game. So, what is social currency? I would consider […]

Brand Advocates – A Breed Apart

I have a friend, we’ll call her Jill, who just lives to give her opinion online. She is a chronic Yelp community participant, and always has Facebook posts about this product or that product. At first I thought this was a cute fad she was going through when social media was coming into its prime. […]

Innovation On My Mind

I am constantly amazed at how we sit at the center of innovation. As practitioners in Silicon Valley, we’re almost spoiled. We live at the epicenter of technology. We see innovation every day. Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. It lurks around every corner. It knows no age limit and has no half-life. It […]