McGrath/Power has been the Silicon Valley Partner of the Worldcom Public Relations Group for nearly three decades, and this global partnership has enabled us to not only extend client programs globally but also has afforded us the opportunity to gain insights from our colleagues. Yesterday, Worldcom launched a new marketing campaign capturing the real-time perspectives and opinions from agency leaders on key communications issues in the news. The “Issues Insights” campaign – powered by VoxPopMe, a video platform that allows brands to capture instantaneous feedback from any audience – provides a forum for the Worldcom’s senior team to deliver insightful commentary and strategic analysis on news events with significant public relations and brand implications.

In the inaugural installment, Worldcom Partners address the launch positioning of Google’s recent announcement regarding the reorganization of the company and the creation of a new holding company called Alphabet. A survey of Worldcom’s Americas Region offices revealed that 90 percent of respondents viewed the communication strategy supporting the reorganization and launch of Alphabet as a success.

As you can see, Worldcom’s senior leaders almost unanimously praised the communications behind the launch, they were more split with the introduction of the dot-xyz domain over a dot-com. Approximately 61 percent of our Partners surveyed viewed the choice of dot-xyz as a misstep, citing the credibility associated with a dot-com domain as vitally important when launching a company. However, all surveyed did not view the new structure as a potential barrier to further innovation, citing that investors will now put more scrutiny on Alphabet’s other ventures.

What do you think of the reorg and what lies ahead for Google?

For more Issues Insights, stay tuned.