Reviews are more important than ever in today’s buyer’s journey. Knowing that some readers may not be familiar with reviews programs, we thought it would be helpful to pull together a few tips for building a stellar program with maximum impact.

Our society is now heavily review-driven, making reviews essential for any kind of product or service. You probably checked Yelp before choosing to eat at a new restaurant, scoured reviews before choosing a doctor, and did in-depth research on several websites before selecting your latest computer. Since reviews now play such a critical role in attracting customers, they have become a crucial part of many of our client programs. Below are the top tips from our team to help you kick off your reviews program:

  1. Let us do the research. With a bit of background, PR agencies can pull together all of the research and materials needed to execute your review program, from the press release to the ideal target list. Here are a few questions your agency may ask:
    • Who is the target audience for your product or service?
    • What publications do they read?
    • How does your product or service differentiate from competitors’?
    • How many products do you have available to send out for reviews?
    • What collateral do you have to offer as supporting information?
    • When is the timing of your launch?
  2. Define success. We want to make sure we’re meeting your goals, so we want to know what success looks like to you. We’ll also share insights on how many reviews we can anticipate, in what range of publications and the timing we will need to make it all happen.
  3. Follow-up materials. Once we’ve gotten the product into the hands of the reviewer, our job has only just begun. We may ask you for some follow-up material (spec sheets, sell sheets, images or videos) if editors request it to complete their reviews. We’ll offer a timeline to ensure these are ready to go in advance, and we can even help to develop them if need be. We’ll also stay in regular contact with the reviewers during this process, providing you with their initial feedback to help with future product development and decisions.
  4. Avoid fatigue. We can’t expect a reviewer to cover each and every product release, so we always counsel our clients to space out products in similar markets throughout the year to avoid losing the attention of key editors. This establishes a cadence with these audiences, projecting company momentum rather than large bursts of activity followed by long lulls. To support this, we’ll identify and expand to new targets for variety in coverage as well.
  5. Maximize impact. Once we secure the published review, we’ll help you make the most of it by sharing it on your social channels and website. Since reviews can take many months to secure, it’s important to get as much exposure as possible once they go live.

Reviews aren’t easy, and good ones are even tougher to come by. We’re here to help you every step of the way to ensure your reviews program is a success.