My colleagues and I at McGrath/Power have been involved in cannabis communications for a couple years now. We have seen cannabis acceptance take root and the industry blossom. With that growth, though, comes the need to properly communicate the facts about cannabis, its seemingly endless list of benefits and, ultimately, normalize its use for a wide variety of audiences.

All puns aside, we know the difference between THC and CBD. We can recite the benefits of using certified-organic, pharmaceutical-grade ethanol for extraction by heart. We understand the implications of Prop 64 in California, as well as the impact it is likely to have throughout our country and around the world.

M/P has a profoundly diverse history of crafting communications with conviction for consumer brands, B2B technology companies and many organizations in-between. We are proud to now list cannabis as one of our areas of expertise and could not be more excited to continue our commitment to deeply-rooted principles in this bourgeoning industry. Our strengths lies in our ability to provide intellectual counsel and a rare instinct for tackling all kinds of challenges and using communications to help our clients achieve great outcomes.

Our foray into cannabis communications began nearly two years ago when we were approached by an integrated medicinal cannabis company that was setting the standard for quality, potency and consistency of whole plant cannabis extracts. We were immediately impressed by the company’s scientific approach so we took on the challenge to develop and implement all phases of external communications on their behalf. And we haven’t looked back since.

Today, we are a driving force behind cannabis communications and normalization. Legalization of adult-use in multiple states has now made a comprehensive communications strategy no longer a “nice to have,” but a “must have” for cannabis brands. But this is still an industry laden with hazy perceptions and it is very much under the microscope, making it critical that blurred lines be sharpened and facts be communicated clearly without manipulation. Cannabis communications must be beyond reproach in order for medicinal cannabis to be accepted as an integrative treatment option and for cannabis to finally shed its century-old, but unjust shroud.

We encourage you to peruse our cannabis pamphlet and ask yourself: “Is it high time my company invest in a communications strategy?”