If you’re reading this blog post, give yourself a pat on the back! Not because you’re reading my post per se (although, I appreciate that 😊) but because it shows that you’re taking the opportunity to work at McGrath/Power Public Relations seriously.

Don’t get me wrong – in saying that, I’m not questioning whether you are taking your job search or career in public relations seriously. I don’t think I have actually met one person who has been cavalier about that. In this particular case, I mean exactly what I said with no interpretation needed – you are taking the opportunity to work at M/P, with us, seriously.

Like any public relations agency, M/P has its own unique culture and expectations, which make the business thrive. So, what qualities are we looking for during interviews, how should you prep and what is the one thing you should avoid at all costs? Consider this your guide to interviewing with us.

What We Look For In Candidates

You’ve likely heard this before, but M/P is similar to other public relations agencies, and different at the same time. Like any, we seek out candidates that are both smart and driven, creative and proactive. We are looking for people who have clear personal and professional goals, and who are focused on driving their client programs forward.

So, what does this mean to you when you interview with us? We prefer real people, so be yourself, be genuine and express how you will support/elevate the team. Show up with ideas, have an opinion and commit to making progress. Last but not least, participate – both by owning your program components and by having a voice in client programs’ evolution.

How To Prep

This will be the most obvious tip because it should be common sense, but some people skip it. To prep for interviews with M/P, do a little bit of homework! Read about the agency, our background and the people you are interviewing with. Make sure you understand what we do and don’t do, and what you may have in common with people within the company. Don’t show up blind as it will give us the impression you aren’t interested or don’t care.

One Thing To Avoid

Some people say “fake it until you make it.” We believe you should do the exact opposite. There is nothing worse than getting hired and then being put in a situation where you are not able to do something you previously highlighted. It isn’t easy to tell a potential employer you have limited or no experience in a specific task. From our perspective, however, we would rather know your true set of capabilities than find out later that you aren’t able to live up to how you sold yourself. Just tell us the truth – we can work with that!

We are constantly trying to improve and thus interviewing promising candidates. Show us that you’re committed, open to learning and are capable of undertaking the tasks we are seeking help in.

We hope to discuss a career in public relations with you soon. Just check out our career opportunities, follow the pointers above and we will determine how we can thrive together.