As a public relations and communications agency, we have a profoundly diverse history of crafting communications with conviction for consumer brands, B2B technology companies and many organizations in-between. Our commitment to deeply-rooted principles, strength in providing intellectual counsel and guts enables us to tackle all kinds of challenges and use communications to help our clients achieve great outcomes.

Our unique ability to adapt to the diverse needs of a broad spectrum of client challenges is just one of the reasons companies of all shapes and sizes come to us for help. Here are just a few things that make us different:


We promise and deliver senior-level management on every account to bring strategic perspective that will drive your program forward.


Communications for communications’ sake? We don’t subscribe to that. We design programs that produce results tied to specific business objectives. When you work with us, everything is aligned.


We break down marketing, sales and public relations silos so that cohesive, integrated communications can be achieved.


Thus, we know media. It’s why we understand the very people we pitch and what it takes to shape an idea into a story. When it comes to media coverage, seek and ye shall find with us.


You can take our team out of in-house, but you can’t take in-house out of our team. We have a foot in both worlds and we understand your challenges because they were once our own.


But only in the best possible way. We push the creative envelope and we aren’t afraid to speak up for what we believe is in your brand’s best interest.

The power of partnership has always been a force to be reckoned with at McGrath/Power. Beginning in 1973, Lee McGrath and Larry Power founded the communication agency with a focus on consumer client programs. In 1983, they tapped Jonathan Bloom and Terri Foos Cook to open our Silicon Valley office, home to tech innovation. McGrath and Power retired in 1990 and we took up permanent residence in the Valley. We welcomed Bloom as partner in 2000. A lot has changed since ‘73, but not our unmatched depth of experience, which affords us unique perspective to take on new communications challenges.


Chief Executive Officer/Chief Strategy Officer/Founding Partner

Jon Bloom develops and directs over-arching strategy for all of our clients and is regularly recognized for his strategies that drive outcomes in the form of increased sales, corporate acquisitions, competitive de-positioning and creating new market segments. Jon leverages his background in reporting to create new ways for companies and their C-level executives to tell their stories that resonate with their target audiences. He has served on multiple boards, including the Marketing Chair for the Americas Region on the Worldcom Public Relations Group Board of Directors. Prior to joining M/P, Jon worked as a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News and the Associated Press. Outside of the agency, Jon spends his time with his wife and three sons who share his passion for hip hop music, California wines and German performance cars. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from San Jose State University.