The phrase Do It Yourself (DIY) has been popularized by a new generation of consumer tech products that users can install themselves rather than rely on outsiders or so-called “experts.” DIY also applies to funding a company if founders choose not to rely on traditional sources. abode was a newcomer to the home security space with its founder coming from industry leader ADT. We knew the space having previously worked with ADT so helping abode was a natural fit. However, the company was also doing DIY funding and needed help with its Kickstarter campaign. We love Kickstarter and walked abode through the numerous do’s and don’ts surrounding creating an emotional connection with potential funders. At the same time, we were also educating industry influencers on the benefits and unique qualities of the abode system so that potential Kickstarter backers would be able to gain perspective and recommendations online when considering a donation. In the end, the cohesive public relations and communications strategy our team executed on behalf of abode resulted in positive online conversation recommending abode, and the Kickstarter campaign generated funding of fifty percent more than the initial goal.

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