The whole point of mobile technology is to give users access to information, people and systems while on the go. But even the companies that produce the very technology – browsers – that gives users a window on the world from their hand have to communicate or risk being misunderstood. Our goal as the communications agency for mobile technology provider ACCESS was to pull back the curtains and show the scope of innovation coming from this Tokyo-based mobile software company. In a nutshell, we were asked to give access to ACCESS. Due to our global client work and the perspective from our partners in the Worldcom Public Relations Group, we were able to widely open the doors to this previously closed off mobile software provider.

Our team was called on for traditional media relations services, as well as analyst, customer and partner relations. A cohesive public relations campaign was developed and executed, with work including pitch development, trends research, and briefing staffing.

The result was exactly what we had suggested – access to ACCESS for all relevant influencers. This transparent look at innovation in-progress, as well as innovation that previously had gone uncredited, enabled ACCESS to be properly understood in the mobile market and the sales process.

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