Many of us live through the mobile device in the palm of our hand and stay connected to the world at large. Fewer of us consider “the plumbing” underpinning the mobile infrastructure that delivers content to us daily. ByteMobile enhances the mobile subscriber experience and mobile network efficiency through content optimization, video caching and traffic management. Without it, consumers and mobile carriers would have a very different mobile experience than they’ve come to expect. But who likes to talk about plumbing? We do! Understanding technology innards is something we enjoy and when ByteMobile called, we listened. Our team was called on for our expertise in public relations and content development, to illustrate ByteMobile’s “capex-opex” benefits to carriers and position them for a financial exit. Rather than get all jargon-y with it, we humanized the story and made it easily understandable. We did this by executing our media relations plan, which included creating the messaging, developing the pitch and training the leaders at ByteMobile for their media interviews. This allowed us to back into the heavy technology without scaring the “non-plumber” members of the media and analyst community. Plain talk accelerated validation of ByteMobile and enabled it to become a key voice in the mobile conversation. Ultimately, ByteMobile achieved its business goal with public relations and communications playing a key supporting role in the company’s acquisition by Citrix.

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