It’s been said that “everything old becomes new again,” and that often refers to the technology market. Our public relations agency has one of the deepest security portfolios in the world, and we’ve seen many new technologies – some for the first time and others reincarnated. When we heard that the UK’s Clearswift Corporation wanted to launch a Data Leak Prevention (DLP) solution in the U.S., our ears perked up. We had launched one of the first DLP solutions a decade prior – valuable perspective to assist Clearswift’s updated approach. Our experience in the technology market told us that updated DLP alone wouldn’t advance the story far enough to interest audiences so we recommended approaching the challenge from a different angle. Rather than talk features or sell fear, we provided a campaign around “The New Normal.” The majority of audiences are already aware that online threats aren’t new. Rather, they are a part of every person and every company’s daily existence. The New Normal integrated communications campaign was designed to advance the threat storyline via a multi-pronged approach that would allow audiences to understand how to deal with threats in the context of everyday life and workplace operations as opposed to a singular event.

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