CloudPrime understood that we live in an insecure world and developed one of the world’s most secure technologies to assist corporations and consumers in exchanging information of all kinds online – think of the a highly secure iron fist around DropBox. The technology’s roots traced back to the founder’s previous company, a secure networking provider. He called us in to help position the emerging new entity and its innovative security solution. The new technology was a breakthrough with several vertical applications. The challenge was how to advance the overall story behind its development and advance the industry conversation surrounding protecting sensitive data and documents in the face of ongoing data breaches and corporate hacks. The company’s desire to tell a deep technology backstory was present, but we suggested otherwise. Lead with the business impact, we counseled, and then let the underlying technology validate that impact. Using impact as the tip of the spear, the communications program opened many doors to CloudPrime which accelerated consumer use and enterprise evaluations.