Cognitive Networks 

It’s important for a startup seeking an acquisition exit to not only have the right brand positioning, but to be able to demonstrate adoption of its technology and how it fills the gaps in competitive offerings.

Cognitive Networks heard about our experience in category creation through our work with TiVo, and asked us for help communicating an important message to its core audience. And they asked to do it at CES.

We began immediately working on our PR strategy. The goal was to successfully communicate the acceptance of Cognitive Networks’ Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology.

We’re not fans of trying to outshout one of the largest trade shows, but we love a challenge. Rather than push busy influencers for meetings, we decided to let them figure ACR out at their leisure while covering the show. We designed a TV eco-system treasure hunt map to let those important to the industry connect the dots of the Cognitive ecosystem on display throughout CES. Our map was worth a thousand words and soon influencers knew how Cognitive increased the value of the TV experience. Combined with our overall public relations and communications program, the treasure hunt helped Cognitive meet its stated objective and was acquired by VIZIO.

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