Constance Therapeutics 

Medical cannabis has been legal in California for years, but only with the advent of full legalization in some states has product marketing begun. The medicinal cannabis market is different from recreational cannabis as consumers seeking alternative forms of treatment require something other than “the experience.” We were asked to help Constance Therapeutics undertake market education surrounding its cannabis oil used in the treatment of illnesses, such as cancer. Understanding the sensitivities surrounding medical cannabis and FDA guidelines, we developed the issues-based Care 2.0 campaign. Using a combination of public relations, social media, marketing, and content, the strategy illustrated cannabis’ growing acceptance as an alternative and highlighted Constance’s standardized product development. As an extension, we conceived a first-of-its-kind pilot study to determine if cannabis could be an alternative to opioid use in the NFL and forged a partnership with the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition to secure player involvement.

Behind the scenes, the McGrath Power team worked efficiently on traditional media relations and outreach, as well as spokesperson training to ensure the messaging was on point with the overall PR strategy.

The campaign and study elevated the brand nationally, which helped funding efforts, business development, distribution and overall brand credibility.

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