Whoever said “a picture is worth a thousand words” hadn’t realized the potential of online video. Fliqz did, though, and offered the opportunity to bring video to just about any website. This was a game-changer, and its potential flew right in the face of the larger, more complex platforms that had been the only game in town. Through its relationship with a major Silicon Valley venture firm that funded Fliqz (and was one of our agency’s clients), our tech PR team was recommended to the video platform provider. We were charged with putting a public relations and communications framework in place for the rapidly emerging startup and crafting the Fliqz story for consumption and playback by the financial, online and vertical media segments that were critical to market adoption.

Our team worked on everything from traditional media relations to content creation. Behind the scenes, our pitch development, media training, trends research, and all of our other tactics helped bring the PR strategy to life.

The uptake and output surrounding the company’s message and technology differentiation were strong enough to achieve a positive exit by acquisition for the founders and funders alike.

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