IDA Ireland

With Silicon Valley’s economic engine running hot for decades, many startups have grown up and looked beyond our shores into Europe for expansion. Many EU countries compete for these brands to locate within their borders, including Ireland. IDA Ireland is the agency responsible for the attraction and development of foreign direct investment. Founded in 1949, IDA Ireland has become a model for other countries and regions to follow in their own foreign direct investment efforts and why not? IDA Ireland has partnered with 1,200 companies in financial services, bio-pharmaceuticals, medtech, engineering, and technology to grow their businesses in Ireland. Of course, much work goes into attracting new brands to Ireland. We were selected through a government RFP process to tell the IDA Ireland story to Silicon Valley. Our team was chosen for our expertise in public relations and social media marketing. We set out with a strong media relations plan for IDA Ireland and went to work developing content to use on social platforms. Our PR strategy and communications program was built around taking the IDA storyline and retelling it in Silicon Valley parlance using channels, such as traditional and social media, that decision makers here favored. While we all speak “English,” the nuances of storytelling and the hot buttons can be very different on our shores. Our approach told the IDA Ireland story in new ways and opened new doors for the organization at various target companies keeping them top of mind in business expansion planning.

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