Intelledox wanted to rapidly bring its business intelligence solution from its home in Oz to the worldwide stage. They saw our BI work and asked if we could take them from “down under” to top of the world in a single week. We took the challenge. Our track record of solidifying companies from other continents in the U.S. gave us a great vantage point and we used our Quick Start process to reshape the Intelledox story for our shores. We then took the small amount of time provided by the client’s founder and arranged for non-stop influencer interaction over a two-day period. While intense, this approach positioned Intelledox against larger more established brands. Our established relationships got to the right influencers at the right time and enabled the Intelledox team to lay the necessary strategic and relationship foundation at lightning speed. As a result, Intelledox was able to put down roots in the U.S. market and efficiently gain business momentum.