When handheld devices first debuted, they were islands of information that didn’t exchange data. To maximize their potential, the mobile industry needed to get in sync with synchronization. Intellisync introduced the solution – software that moved data between the new handheld devices, PCs and the corporate enterprise – but users, CIOs and wireless carriers needed to be educated on why sync was necessary and the ramifications of BYOD (bring your own device) before the term was mainstream. As a PR agency with decades of experience with technology companies, we were asked to educate/generate end-user demand for sync software, as well as educate the enterprise on device management and carriers on business data sync needs. Our “Synchronize Your Life” PR campaign brought the multiple device conundrum to the forefront and our follow-up BYOD phase showed CIOs how to manage the influx of non-company supplied devices trying to connect to the network. The carriers were shown how they could increase revenues through integration. An aggressive point of view campaign which included extensive content development gave Intellisync’s founder a position to share his vision of a newly connected and synchronized world. Our work spanned nine years, took Intellisync from startup through an IPO and led to an acquisition by Nokia.

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