Internet Security Systems 

Before the internet became a thing and we worried about online threats, Chris Klaus developed the first Internet Security Scanner while attending the Georgia Institute of Technology. He then founded Internet Security Systems (ISS) to develop technology that would protect people and companies from what he saw as forthcoming pitfalls surrounding mainstream use of the web. When we joined the ISS team, the company was seeking to differentiate itself in a noisy market. We immediately went to work formulating our PR strategy, focusing our attention on ISS’ unique combination of products and its people in the form of the X Force. This small internal group of white hat hackers were the best in the business with the ability to forecast emerging threats. This “preemptive” approach to security enabled ISS to help its customers prepare for attacks and stay ahead of threats.

Behind the scenes, our team worked on content development to bring the ISS story to life on the web. Additionally, our spokesperson training helped prepare the ISS team to be able to tell their story on camera in a way that captivated their audience. This media relations strategy allowed us to take ISS beyond the standard feature comparison discussion prevalent in the industry. It also allowed us to highlight the true value of ISS as a business which caught the attention of competing organizations. One such company was IBM which acquired ISS for nearly two billion dollars, creating further value for founders and shareholders alike.

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