LexisNexis/HPCC Systems

LexisNexis and its HPCC Systems division had enabled numerous organizations to harness the power of big data analytics by providing an open source development platform to enhance and build associated applications. This development environment was robust but a new external communications approach was required to proliferate the platform further and speak the same language as the open source developers HPCC was trying to influence. We have a strong understanding of the developer community because one of our agency’s partners came from that neck of the technology woods. So, when HPCC came to us for help, we immediately went to work crafting our PR strategy.

Our charter for HPCC was to talk-the-talk to the development community, extend the dialogue between that community and our client while also highlighting the rewards and outcomes via both traditional and social media channels. Through our media relations and social content development, we enabled HPCC to communicate in a very different fashion than the company had done previously, which connected the dots for the open source developer audience while also paving the way for ongoing engagement and utilization of the development platform.

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