Maggie Coulombe

Some of us live life on the go but often our clothes don’t adapt to what can become almost a gypsy-like existence. Maui-based designer Maggie Coulombe’s approach personified this fluid lifestyle and she sought to take her line to national distribution with our assistance. Her soft and form-fitting clothing spoke to us; however, other designs had similarities and Maggie’s low profile outside Maui presented communications obstacles. To enable Maggie’s story to leapfrog competitors, we aligned the brand with the emerging “Gypset” movement. Gypsetters are sophisticated artists, designers, and bon vivants who globetrot. This strategic positioning alignment allowed Maggie to instantly associate with a lifestyle that personified her designs and integrated her design philosophy into a rapidly emerging online conversation.

Behind the scenes, the McGrath Power team worked passionately on media relations and outreach, including pitch development and spokesperson training. We also executed social media marketing, and content development, in order to bring Maggie’s brand into the national spotlight.

The combination acted as a propellant to Maggie’s Fall launch and positioned her as a voice of a movement that captured the essence of her audience. She became a vocal part of the conversation and expanded the reach of her innovative clothing line.

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