Strategy is everything in our minds and can be the most important thing when a name brand seeks a new direction for communications. As a standalone brand, McAfee helped companies and people protect corporate networks and personal computing platforms for decades. The need for online security spawned a bevy of startups and then a bigger bevy of acquisitions/industry consolidation as new forms of attacks and hacks increased. With increased market competition, McAfee required a new strategic direction in its communications program. Our agency has one of the deepest security portfolios in the world, and we were tapped to provide it. We immediately saw that McAfee was in a highly unique position – far beyond a startup and one of the few independent providers left standing. Our strategic planning process led by agency partners provided McAfee with a new strategic edge and point of view centered on the pure play status created by market evolution and customer requirements. This enabled McAfee to update its storyline and focus on the strength of market position.