New Teacher Center

The New Teacher Center is a non-profit organization in the U.S. dedicated to strengthening the practice of beginning teachers, and we were chartered with giving the organization a broader voice in the national education conversation. NTC hadn’t undertaken a formal external communications program so all components needed to be built from the ground up. Interviews with key executives, shaping personal storylines into broader narratives with point of view, organizing an outbound campaign and inserting NTC spokespeople perspective into unfolding media coverage were all part of the program building process. Our “Opening Day” campaign tied the CEO’s love of the San Francisco Giants to the beginning of both baseball season and the spring semester timeframe. Using multiple communications platforms as pipe’s for our newly crafted messaging and POV, the campaign was credited with being the most effective in the organization’s history by all measurement standards. It laid a strong foundation of overall awareness of NTC’s mission, placed context around organizational goals and enabled spokesperson POV to be added to numerous conversations. Numerically, the campaign achieved the highest engagement rates of any online marketing activity that the organization had ever undertaken.