Panasas sought to change the game in storage with a new breakthrough scale-out parallel storage technology. The company gained initial traction from its launch, but the momentum soon waned. We were asked to strategically position the company against more established players in the enterprise storage arena and take advantage of its innovative high performance parallel storage for technical applications and big data workloads. We took a two-pronged approach to our PR strategy utilizing our expertise in the technology sector – first establishing a point of view for the brand and aligning that with real world application breakthroughs derived from use of company technology. For content development, we activated multiple storylines simultaneously and showed how parallel storage differed from common architectures previously deployed, as well as how it could be leveraged to overcome specific vertical market challenges while increasing value for businesses. We also aggressively engaged with industry analysts to ensure proper understanding of the new approach and leverage them externally to validate Panasas’ benefits. Rounding out the program was a wide range of secured, non-paid speaking opportunities to highlight Panasas’ innovation and a robust awards program to provide additional brand validation.

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