San Jose State University 

When you’re busy educating generation after generation of soon-to-be CEOs, scientists and engineering leaders who go on to help Silicon Valley companies produce some of the world’s leading innovations, sometimes you forget to take credit where credit is due. San Jose State University is one of the country’s oldest academic institutions and the only one located in “the capital of Silicon Valley.” The school is a talent pipeline to tech companies of all sizes and disciplines, including one of our agency’s founders. We were called on for our branding services, to raise the profile of the SJSU brand and immediately began crafting a PR strategy. We focused on building a new image around the outcomes the university had provided to the Valley and the world’s technology community. Many universities can highlight their qualities but few can back that up with the track record of fueling an industry more than SJSU. By building around outcomes and people, we took SJSU beyond the standard set of highlights offered up by other institutions and showed potential students and donors the university’s true impact and reach. The result was a new conversation for SJSU’s faculty and fundraisers that elevated the brand and captured imagination.

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