Woodfin Suites Hotel 

When traveling, there are few things sweeter than a suite at a hotel. Having a multi-room space to relax, work and play is always more enjoyable than cramming yourself and others into a single standard room. Woodfin Suites was introducing the concept of an “all suites” hotel to Silicon Valley and came to us to undertake the opening and a program to show business and leisure travelers alike just how sweet it could be. Without a comparable chain for contrast, we took the approach of allowing our audiences to Enjoy The Suite Life themselves via free stays built around both business and leisure travel. Our program educated people on how to take advantage of more space, in-room amenities, such as movies and music, and the ability to dine in-room without sitting on a bed or at a cramped desk. If location is the mantra in real estate, experience is the mantra for lodging. We proved that by demonstrating the “suite-ness” of Woodfin Suites.